Open your own DIGITAL-agency, work from home and earn from B2B Internet advertising services
29 partners all over the world
Business in one of the most growing areas in Russia
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What you can make money on
SMM. Complex promotion in social networks
We set up and develop accounts from scratch and launch the development of existing pages.
Development and promotion of sites
We think over the structure and design, we create ads in Google and Yandex.
SERM. Reputation Management
We keep an eye on the news and mentions, we work out the negatives.
Account Verification
We take care of all the steps of the passage until the results are in.
Audience Engagement
We create quality Content, run contests, make friends with subscribers and engage new ones.
Targeted advertising
We engage through audiences, creatives, customize and track effectiveness.
Work with opinion makers
We match bloggers, set up collaborations to promote the business.
We boost the number of media mentions and increase the brand awareness.
Native advertising
We draw attention to a product or service in a way that everyone likes
Media about us
First customers
We do not leave our partners to their own devices. We will find 10 customers for you and introduce you to a dedicated account manager. He will support you at all phases of work.
We take it from here
Marketing and growth departments are at your disposal
From day one, you'll have all the tools you need to fulfill your orders. You don't have to wait until you've finished your office setup or assembled a team.
We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no weekends and holidays
We all go to the one goal. At any time we are ready to give the advice you need, share useful information and find a solution together.
We work with government organizations
We work with both private businesses and the public sector. We have an excellent understanding of the specific nature of organizations and easily build interactions.
Professionals in our field
We love what we've done over the years, and we continue to monitor trends and test new digital marketing tools. We provide the best solutions for our clients and partners.
350+ cases in the portfolio
Our successful cases help you find customers and gain trust. You can rely on our experience in negotiating with new clients.
The cost of the franchise
The initial fee is a single investment. You only pay once and get everything you need to get started quickly.
Learning on the basis of ready-tested methods and guidelines (SMM services, management, sales standards).
1 610 USD
Average check for the rendered services is 295 USD.
Profit for the second month of work is 575 USD.
Providing a finished portfolio and case studies for your future SMM clients.
SMM Agency
2 675 USD
Average bill for services rendered is 600 USD.
Profit for the second month of work is 1020 USD.
Providing a portfolio and cases for your future clients in the field of SMM, SEO, PR, SERM.
Agency APTS
Assigning a personal manager to a partner
4 015 USD
Average bill for services rendered is 735 USD.
Profit for the second month of work is 1420 USD.
Staff recruitment, provision of employees in the following areas (sales department formation: 3 managers, project manager)
Providing the first 10 leads for your agency
Personal consultations from Marat Minkin, the owner of the Digital Agency "Media Marketing Agency
Maintenance support and assistance at all stages of the opening
Providing the first 10 leads for your agency
Setting up an advertising campaign (gathering semantics, selecting the target audience, connecting the analytics system).
Web-site development: structure, design, content, contextual ads in Google and Yandex.
By being a partner, you will receive a top site for customer attraction
The agency site that our associates receive, takes part in the competition of the best sites of Runet in the category "Agency Websites".
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The project team
Oleg Korolev
Head of Development Department
Marat Minkin
Ruslan Fakhrutdinov
Head of the Support Department
Anna Osipenko
Search for HR employees
Alex Silaev
Senior Development Manager
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Apply now and get access to a presentation, the financial model and 7 more documents
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